Parenting Consulting



Parenters connects families to trusted advisers for in-home, child-specific guidance, education, and support based on need.


Often when parents are searching for personalized guidance, it can be overwhelming to determine, first, which resources are available to them, and then, which of those resources is the right one for their family – this is where we come in.


We believe that when parents face new experiences, decisions, or challenges, we can offer assistance through guidance and education. Most importantly, the guidance we offer is individually tailored enabling parents and caregivers to easily transition routines or take action on advice.


Services range from family health and nutrition to educational support, such as creating enriching and educational environments in the home, preschool and school selection, and the special education planning process. We can help with emotional development, household structure and routines, as well as child-parent relationship mentoring. Visit the company website to learn about each family adviser and all of the services offered by Parenters.


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Your Village Consulting

We are a parenting consulting company supporting new parents during the challenges they face during the newborn and toddler stages. We have a carefully vetted and experienced team of lactation consultants, post partum doulas, nutritional counselors, potty trainers, behavioral consultants, sleep trainer, placenta encapsulators, and car passenger safety technicians, Your Village Consulting experts offer in-home, phone, and/or email support. We offer loving, compassionate support and never any judgment. Check out our website and Facebook page for our current workshop schedule.


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