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I’m a holistic nutritionist who specializes in pre- and post-natal nutrition. I am very passionate about helping new moms understand the importance their diet has on their pregnancy and postpartum life, including how it supports breastfeeding. I am currently studying to become a breastfeeding counselor through Breastfeeding USA, en route to becoming a lactation counselor.  I create meal plans for various diets, including gestational diabetes, and offer kitchen helper services where I cook with clients in their home. In addition, I teach ‘Introduction to Solid Food’ classes around town, and I’m available for one-on-one consultations.


Misti Buie, Holistic Nutritionist


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Rosalind Haney, RN, ACN, LLC

Nutritional Guidance for Fertility and Pregnancy


I provide phone consultations for couples planning a pregnancy or having difficulty becoming pregnant.  My focus is on identifying ways to naturally enhance the chance of conception with nutrition and life style choices.  I also consult on nutrition throughout pregnancy and postpartum.


Rosalind Haney, RN, ACN

West Lake Hills, TX 78746