Clearview Ultrasound

Clearview Ultrasound is the longest running 3D Imaging Facility in the United States, and the only facility in Austin to offer ultrasounds in HD!  We also offer Sonostream Live ~ share your ultrasound with friends and family all over the world via the internet!  Early gender determination beginning at 15 weeks, and HD imaging throughout pregnancy.  We also offer complimentary  position check in the last weeks of pregnancy for our clients.  Come to Clearview Ultrasound and see your baby in this very special and unique way in a warm and relaxing atmosphere!  And bring the family!



7801 N. Lamar Blvd., Ste. D96

Austin, TX 78752

512-834-BABY (512-834-2229)

512-534-6454 (Español)


Facebook: @clearviewultrasound


First Glimpse Imaging

Welcome to First Glimpse Imaging, a 2d 3d 4d prenatal ultrasound studio. We are here to offer the expectant mother, father, family and friends an elective prenatal ultrasound/sonogram session of their unborn baby and provide a positive exciting experience in a warm and comfortable family theater environment.


Seeing your unborn baby’s face for the first time is a memory that you will carry with you for a lifetime. You will be able to see your baby move, stretch, yawn, hiccup, blink and smile, all inside the womb.


Providing a high quality image experience is our primary goal. Our sonographers have been trained in the art of prenatal 2d 3d 4d ultrasounds. Please visit our FAQ page or contact us at (512) 626-7345 for more information.


We offer several elective ultrasound packages/services that include the scanning session as well as pictures to meet your needs and budgets with the consent of your medical physician.



12414 Alderbrook Dr., Ste. 210

Austin, TX 78758



Facebook: @firstglimpse3d4dultrasound